Piato Restaurant Ltd is committed to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability. It is our belief that responsible management of natural resources is a commercial and environmental imperative, and therefore an integral part of how we do business. The core objective of our environmental management system is on energy consumption, waste management and sustainable operations while prioritizing engagement with our employees, clients, suppliers and contractors.

Our policy requires all employees to commit toward the protection of our environment by:

  • Promoting and complying with National Environment Management Authority of Uganda (NEMA) standards, laws and regulations.
  • Carrying out an aspect and impact assessment to identify the environmental hazards and mitigate the risks associated with them.
  • Seeking opportunities to minimize the use of natural resources, thereby protecting and enhancing the environment whilst reducing business costs.
  • Setting environmental objectives and targets, so that our actions are measurable and focused on continual improvement and sustainable solutions.
  • Defining and communicating roles and responsibilities as per the environment management system.
  • Ensuring that changes in the organization are managed effectively when developing new products and services, introducing and improving premises and equipment.
  • Exploring ways to improve efficiency and environmental performance in our buildings and transport operations.
  • Ensuring that environmental dimensions are included in supplier/contractor selection criteria, monitoring supplier performance and engaging with our suppliers and customers to promote good environmental practices.
  • Promote circular economy and Sustainable Consumption Production patterns that reduce environmental stress and meet basic needs.

This policy has the support of all our Company Directors and Senior Management team.

The policy will be reviewed annually.