Piato Restaurant Ltd aims to provide a consistently outstanding dining and events service to all our guests through exceptional cuisines and customer service.

We provide our services effectively and efficiently at the highest level of quality, security, food and occupational safety. We ensure the local and international standards are adhered to at all times. We strive to improve our systems and ensure a mechanism of continual improvement through our Quality Management System.

We are committed to the implementation of our Quality Management System in a way that fosters a culture of quality and economic growth. This is achieved by encouraging excellence and process agility, developing and adopting innovative industry best practices, seeking proactive feedback from customers, risk based approach, encouraging employee participation, thorough internal and external auditing, performance monitoring, corrective and preventive measures, management reviews and adherence to a formal Quality Management System.

This policy has the support and commitment of all the Company Directors and Senior Management team.

The policy will be reviewed annually.